One day at a time!

Dealing with depression has never been so hard. But I am not going to let it take me down! I’m going to stand on my 2 feet and fight until I win this thing. Depression can easily take over one’s mind but it’s up to you to strongly force yourself out of it.  I started this blog to help my readers especially myself  to do just that! All you have to do is dig deep to find your passion!

I got depressed because I kept feeling like I was a failure. I felt selfish for bringing my boys into this world for not having everything settled for them. But actually, they’re the ones who are motivating me to get my life together. They motivated me to find my passion which I found. This is one of my passions (besides my babies!) Journaling my key goals and achievements and sharing my experiences with others who are also going through depression as well.

Everyday is a brand new day. If one day was bad, look forward for the next. If you couldn’t finish your goal for that day, it’s okay! Take a breif break and get back to it. If you even have to sleep it off for the night, that’s okay too. Just be sure that you’ll pick up where you left off to have that goal completed. Your goal/s are most likely to get done when you have a good night sleep. By the next morning you should feel energized enough to finish that goal. If you’re feeling discouraged about the goal, take a deep breath and think about what that goal would do to help benefit you. Don’t give up on something that could help improve your life. If that goal is beneficial take a crack at it then complete it! It’s only a failure if you don’t try.

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  1. Depression is a hard, hard thing. You are so strong and you can do this. I battle it every single day and I am no where near as strong as you so well done.

  2. You can do this!! You’re strong and I know it can be difficult sometimes, but you are on the right track! 🙂

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