51 random facts about me

Random facts

1. I have 2 beautiful baby boys
2. Im too stubborn
3. I cannot stand to be lied to
4. I am way too forgiving
5. I was born in the early 90s
6. I love taking long walks
7. I use shopping as my own therapy
8. I am an Apple fanatic
9. I love to cook
10. I love to write
11. I have a serious procrastination problem
12. I always stay to myself
13. I love to succeed
14. I love speaking my mind through writing
15. I get irritated when I’m overly excited
16. I don’t watch a lot of TV
17. I love to get crafty
18. I have a dream of running my own business
19. I use my notes as a diary
20. I’m an optimistic person
21. I’m the only girl out of my siblings
22. I’m 24 years old
23. I’m antisocial but I love meeting new people (Weird? I know!)
24. I’d rather read blogs than books but I still love to read books
26. I hate being proven wrong
27. I’m more social via social network
28. I’m still afraid of the dark
29. I love flowers
30. I’m a passionate person
31. I’m obsessed with the color purple
32. I love helping people
33. I had 2 repeated c sections
34. I’m a stylish person
35. I’m addicted to Michael’s Craft Store
36. I hate the feel of carpet on my bare feet
37. I’m putting my boys in private schools
38. I’m addicted to shopping
39. I have a dream of investing in real estate
40. I want to be a millionaire
41. I’d rather fortune than fame
42. I hate when attention is all on me
43. I hate being disrespected
44. I hate when people waste my time
45. I’m not too good with socializing with other people but I’ve been slowly improving lately.
46. I hate school but I love to learn
47. I love to listen what others have to say
48. I love taking long walks in a beach
49. My favorite sport is basketball
50. I love to travel
51. I love my family 💝

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